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The services offered by The Higher Flyer Consulting are designed for those who are familiar with the concept of “higher flying,” but might want some personalized assistance.  I recommend exploring THF Consulting‘s companion site, The Higher Flyer, for some preliminary information.  It’s a free resource with tons of content covering various facets of the travel industry.  A good place to start reading is the Beginner’s Guide, which comprises of five installments and previews the means by which everyday people can afford to travel the way they want to, no matter how luxurious or expensive.  The guide explains that if you know what to do, you can go anywhere and do anything without spending a lot of money.  Furthermore, those who are most successful…

  • Acquire as many frequent flyer miles and award points as possible and leverage them to reduce trip expenses.
  • Look diligently for cheap fares and rates.
  • Are aware of how to get the most value out of every dollar spent and every point redeemed…
  • …But know when to be flexible and compromise.

But as you may experience, actually following through on all of those tasks can be a challenge; it becomes overwhelming.  Hiring THF Consulting at an affordable flat rate allows you to bypass all that nonsense, so you can focus on enjoying your trip instead.  No matter what your goals might be — whether it’s more vacations, fancier accommodations, or lowering expenses…or all of the above — you’ll be able to accomplish anything thanks to the expert advice and support you receive.

Planning a trip isn’t easy, but THF Consulting makes it so for you, all the while ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck.  In other words, you’ll be flying higher!

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